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EGR delete is worth 0 hp. Its off above about 50% throttle. It helps keep the combustion temps down, increases mpg, and makes cleaner emissions. The only possible reason to delete it is to clean up the engine bay on a show car.

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I made a video of me removing 2008 Ford F-150 V8 4.6 EGR Valve. I used a 2018 GoPro Hero to make this video.

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As for benefits of removing the EGR? Slightly more power, cleaner intake manifold, but most importantly it's one less thing to break. And complete emissions delete does help clean up the engine bay since you can rid the car of all those black boxes on the firewall and little rubber hoses coming from the throttle body.

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May 31, 2017 · EGR delete kit, maybe mapping out too unless you use a small pipe to trick the ECU. 1.9tdi 205bhp 360ft-lb b6 to b7 build thread. DieselJake, May 31, 2017 #2. Feb 24, 2012 · 'Personally I would remove the blanking plate, other than stopping the EGR from getting clogged up there isn't really and benefits from having it blanked off, after all at the end of the day the engine was configured to work with the EGR and re-burn the fuel when it passed through the EGR and back into the cylinders'.

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EGR system failure is probably one of the most common issues on the 6.0. A delete kit as a few major benefits 1. You will be removing the EGR cooler which means your removing a heating element for the coolant. Which allows the coolant to run cooler and faster threw the motor. 2.

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The excessive smoke generated by a stuck EGR valve will also rapidly clog the DPF, this highlights how an EGR can reduce the life of the DPF system. With our complete DPF removal package we also offer an EGR delete free of charge. We do this by electronically keeping the EGR valve closed at all times and fitting an EGR blanking plate to prevent ...

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