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15393 62TE Shift Solenoid Pack Competitors Price $346.15 . Your Cost $308.24 . You save $37.91! 15397 62TE Pressure Transducer Competitors Price $70.37

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Solenoid malfunctions may be the result of electrical problems. In modern electronically controlled transmissions, the purpose of a shift solenoid is to facilitate the changing of gears. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, which are largely automated by a transmission control unit or other similar computer module.

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Compare prices for 62te transmission Piston from various transmission part suppliers. ... Solenoid Kit, pack, Solenoid Upgrade Kit, Solenoid Set, Shift Solenoid ...

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1989 and newer Chrysler vehicles equipped with A604, A606, 40TE, 41TE/S, 42LE, 62TE, 42RLE, 45RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE or 68RFE all utilize a solenoid switch valve and two switch valve shuttle plugs (there are three plugs in the bore however one acts only as an end plug). 45rfe 545rfe . 45rfe 545rfe 68rfe Mopar Solenoid Pack 2wd Filter Kit Input Output Speed Sensor 42rle Transmission . 42rle Transmission Block Solenoid W/ Filter Kit Epc Oil Pressure Speed Sensor 62te Transmission . 62te Transmission Mopar Solenoid Block Transfer Speed Sensor Set Filter 2006-up

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42rle solenoid pack 99 FREE shipping 62TE, valve body with solenoid, CHRYSLER , DODGE & VOLKSWAGEN Valve Body Solenoid Pack for Chrysler 42RLE Transtar Part Number: 162420R These packs have new pressure switches, springs and O-rings installed. 6 dodge automatic transonline transmission OEM 42RLE Transmission Shift Solenoid Block Pack For Dodge Jeep Liberty/Wrangler. 69 for its ratios. 5L ...

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chrysler axle stabilizer bearing / seal, 62te item #: 262125lb $49.95 ... hyundai-kia (oe) solenoid, 2014 -up (35r,ud,od) 46313-3b160 item #: t211450ca $44.95 add to ... 15393 62TE Shift Solenoid Pack Competitors Price $346.15 . Your Cost $308.24 . You save $37.91! 15397 62TE Pressure Transducer Competitors Price $70.37

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