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Hi guys, got an 03 SL QR25 with 67K, i've searched the forums and it seems that this engine, some shaking during idling is sometimes normal, but my idle is at about 400-500 when its in D, probably around 600 in Park, I want to adjust the idle a little bit so its less noticeable, it annoys me, is there a way to do so on this engine or is it all electronically controlled.

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dear sir, trying to figure out our recently purchased pop up campers sway and weight distribution was set up for my wifes 2006 Tahoe. but I need to tow it with my 2007 nissan frontier.wasnt sure the safest ball height position for towing with my vehicle.should the friction bars that ride on the trailor arms with the friction pads be tight or a little loose.

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Nissan Frontier OEM Integrated Backup Camera. The FC-NISS systems package is a comprehensive high definition Rear View Camera and Factory Connect Harness for your Nissan. . The OEM style Rear View Camera is mounted above the license plate area and connects to the Factory specific Nissan Harness behind the existing scr

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Nissan Frontier (1997-2021) Odometer Mileage Adjust Correction Service. This is a Repair & Return Service. You must send your (ICP) instrument cluster panel to us for odometer mileage correction. All electronics have glitches from time to time, including the odometer in some cars. Genuine 2005 Nissan Part # 16144-73C01 (16144-0F301, 16144-86G01, 1614473C01) - Screw Adjusting. Screw Idle Adjust

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Start engine and let it idle. Then check idle speed and ignition timing. To do a Mixture Ratio Self Learning Value Clear procedure. Engine at operating temp. Turn key to OFF. Disconnect the MAF sensor harness connector. Restart the engine and let it idle for at least 5-secs. Stop engine and reconnect MAF connector

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Oct 15, 2020 - Explore David Horne's board "Nissan Frontier Mods", followed by 130 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about nissan frontier mods, nissan frontier, nissan. My 2010 Frontier idled very smooth, warm/cold until it hit 900 miles. That morning on startup it went to fast idle like normal but immediately there was intermitent roughness. Enough so that it was very noticeable and as the idle slowed to normal the roughness still remains but not as harsh once at operating temperature.

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