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Okular is a universal document viewer developed by KDE.Okular works on multiple platforms, including but not limited to Linux, Windows, macOS, *BSD, etc.

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Run the script, hit the middle button, and scroll away! AutoScroll: Root Directory for images as_imageroot = C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\AutoHotKey Scripts\Images

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Hey Witches :troll: :troll::troll: here i have a AutoScroll.cs for you... What it dose? After you stopped to aim, it automatically scrolls the weapon...

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ScrollMagic helps you to easily react to the user's current scroll position. It's the perfect library for you, if you want to ... animate based on scroll position – either trigger an animation or synchronize it to the scrollbar movement (like a playback scrub control). jCarousel is a jQuery plugin for controlling a list of items in horizontal or vertical order. It provides a full-featured and flexible toolset for navigating any HTML based content in a carousel-like fashion.

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Save this script as scroll.ahk to the Desktop. Right-click on scroll.ahk. Select Run Script. Confirm, if prompted. This will make holding the small right button scroll vertically when moving the trackball. The small left button is the back button.

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Some Web pages, like Facebook, will auto scroll when you place your cursor over the page. This can become annoying for pages containing lots of text or images because the page scrolls without you even wanting it to. Feb 22, 2018 · Reader is the ultimate Reader tool for your Firefox that provides you the best reading experience by transforming text on any website using fonts, colors, and layouts of your choosing in a clean and distraction free environment.

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