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The schema defines the elements and attributes that can occur in a JSON document. The schema uses the JSON syntax to specify the hierarchy and sequence of elements, whether elements are required, the element type, and possible values.

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May 13, 2015 · How to serialize txt file in Sequence File or Avro format. ... REST API concepts and examples - Duration: 8:53. WebConcepts 4,426,261 views. 8:53. File Format Benchmark Avro JSON ORC and Parquet ...

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Avro is an apache project for data serialization. It is normally used as a binary format serializer (json is an option) and is often associated with Kafka streaming platform, which is how it will be used later in this blog series. Avro binary format is schema based.

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Avro is an open source project that provides data serialization and data exchange services for Apache Hadoop. These services can be used together or independently. Avro facilitates the exchange of big data between programs written in any language. With the serialization service, programs can efficiently serialize data into files or into messages.

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The AVRO format supports Avro binary serialization of all KSQL ref:data types <data-types>, including records and top-level primitives, arrays, and maps. The format requires KSQL to be configured to store and retrieve the Avro schemas from the Confluent Schema Registry. For more information, see Configuring Avro and Schema Registry for KSQL.

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Basic example. Similar to from_json and to_json, you can use from_avro and to_avro with any binary column, but you must specify the Avro schema manually. import org.apache.spark.sql.avro.functions._ import org.apache.avro.SchemaBuilder // When reading the key and value of a Kafka topic, decode the // binary (Avro) data into structured data. avro codec. Reads serialized Avro records as Logstash events. This plugin deserializes individual Avro records. It is not for reading Avro files. Avro files have a unique format that must be handled upon input. The following config deserializes input from Kafka:

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