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In competition on the wind energy market, one thing above all counts: lowest generation costs – Cost of Energy (CoE). And these, in turn, require highly efficient wind turbines that run smoothly and without disruption. Wind turbines with powerful, reliable components, seamlessly integrated and with optimum availability. Digitalization provides valuable support in this respect. Learn more!

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Maps show the average (mean) wind speed as well as two components of wind direction: U-wind represents the east-west component of wind and V-wind represents the north-south component. For each month and parameter, the tool shows the climatological mean wind (average over the previous three decades), observed winds, and wind anomaly (how much ...

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WindSpeedByZip is a tool for Architects, Engineers and Builders to easily determine the 3-second gust basic windspeed* (Figure 6-1 of ASCE 7-05 and now Design Wind Speed per ASCE 7-10 maps) for any location in the continental United States. To determine the basic windspeed, fill in the address below.

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AcuRite weather stations track wind speed and display current wind speed (in MPH, KPH or knots) and record peak and average wind speed readings. Wind Vane - A wind vane, or weather vane, is an instrument that tracks wind direction to determine which direction the wind is blowing. AcuRite weather stations display this information using a 16 ... 1609.3 Basic wind speed. The ultimate design wind speed, V ult, in miles per hour (mph), for the determination of the wind loads shall be determined by Figures 1609.3(1), 1609.3(2), and 1609.3(3). The ultimate design wind speed, V ult, for use

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The official website for the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard protects America's economic, national and border security.

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However, the wind direction alone cannot predict the weather accurately in some situations, the reason being that the wind speed and the presence of low-pressure areas around the region as in the case of cyclonical changes could make matters more complicated.

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