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A nice looking rifle. The Model 1895ss 1895-Ss, Blue 22″ 4-Shot Magazine Micro-Groove Lever Action Rifle, in the stout caliber – .45-70 Govt. One thing that I do like about Marlin Lever Guns. is that one can easily have a scope put on them. especially now a days as my eyes are a whole lot older than they use to be!

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Mar 23, 2020 · Winchester makes many excellent lever action rifles such as the model 94. If you don’t want or can own an assault rifle, then the Winchester 1886 will fill that void. The stopping power of the 45-70 is legendary. The Winchester Model 1886 is a lever-action repeating rifle designed by John Browning.

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The Henry Classic Lever Action.22 is most certainly one of the better-made rimfire guns and an excellent example of a fun, affordable lever-action rifle. Reliability: * ... * It's a lever-action rifle and it's hard to mess it up. It's not picky about ammunition and can be used with any powered load...

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An age-old American classic, lever action rifles have been used by hunters for years and have seen many innovations during the evolution of this type of firearm. From the .22 lever action rifle to the 30-30 lever action rifle, this model firearm is available from trusted brands like Browning , Henry, Marlin , Winchester and Mossberg in a ... Marlin Gun Parts, Marlin Factrory Gun Parts.Marlin Lever Action gun Parts, Marlin 22 Automatic Parts, Marlin Bolt Action 22 Parts, Marlin Gun Stocks, Marlin Walnut Gun Stocks, Marlin Rifle Sights, Marlin Sight Hoods, Marlin Screws, Marlin Firearms Parts, Marlin Butt Plates.

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If you’re talking about ‘best lever actions’ its hard to ignore the Marlin 56 or the Ruger 96/22 in the rimfire lever action category. Moving up a division, the Model 62 Levermatic in 30 Carbine would be nipping at the 96/44 heals in terms of niche performance.

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Henry Golden Boy 22 Caliber Lever Action Rifle with Large Loop $600.00 $529.99; Brand: Henry; Item Number: H004L; Henry Lever-Action Rifle. Reviews. Calibre. .22 Long Rifle. Beginning with its significant role in the Civil War to its renowned status as one of the most sought-after rifles in the Western frontier, the Henry rifle has become a legendary part of American history.

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