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May 12, 2009 · dogs can be allergic to bee or wasp stings. so you better be careful about that. it is probably not a good idea for him to eat them in case they sting his insides. Source(s): vet tech student 0 0

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Horsehair Worms (cabbagehair, gordiid or gordian worm), Gordiacea (Nematomorphora) Habitat: These active, long, thread-like roundworms are occasionally found on sidewalks or patios, in water-troughs and domestic water supplies, on cabbage plants and garden soil, and in the body cavities of various pest insects.

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Eastern cicada killer wasps are located to the east of the Rocky Mountains. Cicada killer wasp sting venom paralyzes cicadas. As morbid as it sounds, cicada killer wasp larvae actually feed on cicadas that are paralyzed. Due to their feeding on cicadas, cicada killer wasps are helpful insects, as cicadas can harm trees.

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While flying, you can see the legs of wasps hanging down from their body, but this is not the same with bees. Bees also look fuzzier than wasps and these could be because they have fine hair on their body. Whenever a wasp stings, the stinger does not detach from the venom sac of the wasp and it can always sting you repeatedly. Not only is feeding inexpensive and easy, it can be enjoyable too. All pet tarantulas are insectivores, meaning they eat insects! However, do keep in mind that they are also opportunists, meaning, if given the chance, some tarantulas are able to subdue small lizards, snakes, birds and even mammals such as mice.

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Pet allergens can also be stirred into the air where the allergens have settled. This can happen during dusting, vacuuming or other household activities. Once airborne, the particles can stay suspended in the air for long periods. What Are the Symptoms of a Pet Allergy? Cat and dog allergens can land on the membranes that line the eyes and nose.

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Animals bites can result in serious injuries and potential exposure to zoonotic diseases such as rabies. It is estimated that about 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs each year, and about 1 in 5 of those people require medical attention. Children are at higher risk for serious injury from animal bites. European wasps are opportunistic predators and scavengers, eating dead animals, live insects, fruits, processed human and pet food (particularly meat and fish based food) and garbage. They are also attracted to sugars found in fruit and drinks. European wasps make numerous trips between the...

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