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- Tone, ringback tone 1. Telephone tone when the phone rings in Europe. This is a sound wave frequency of 440 Hz sinusoidal.

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Mar 25, 2020 · A cordless phone also may not work if it has not been properly charged. If the base unit is located near other appliances, this may also cause interference, in which case the base should be moved to another electrical outlet. If there is still no dial tone on the cordless phone, the phone can be reset to restore it to working order.

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Mar 29, 2018 · If you are not hearing a dial tone, first check and see if any of the other phones in the home are off the hook. Every phone in the home should be properly hung up and connected to a phone jack. Cordless phones need to be charged to work. Charge the phone for 20 minutes before picking it up again and listen for the dial tone.

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I too had the same problem no dial tone, I checked evertyhing like they tell you and this made no difference. Then I went and had the line tested and there was a problem with the connection. People were phoning but I just could'nt hear the phone ringing and no dial tone. They booked a engineer and it was all done the same time as "Verdin".

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Log. w (TAG, "playTone: mToneGenerator == null, tone: "+ tone); return;} // Start the new tone (will stop any playing tone) mToneGenerator. startTone (tone, durationMs);}} /** * Stop the tone if it is played. */ private void stopTone {// if local tone playback is disabled, just return. if (! mDTMFToneEnabled) {return;} synchronized (mToneGeneratorLock)

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Jun 19, 2005 · The most likely reason for no dial tone to a modem that passed the diagnostics is a faulty connection to the phone line, but I have pretty much ruled that out in several ways, mostly because I can get dial tone on a phone connected to the second RJ11 jack on the modem card. There must be something I'm overlooking.

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