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For the regular Chardok which is part of the Ruins of Kunark expansion pack follow the link provided. As for this page, Chardok is such a big zone with so many different camps, I have only included the few camps that stood out to me as exceptional. First up, one of my favorites is the kennel area in northern Chardok.

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- The only way to reach Chardok is by traveling through Burning Woods. If PoP is out take The Overthere Stone and travel through Skyfire. - This zone gets remade in Empires of Kunark - The Di`zok Signet of Service is a quest that rewards you with a very good item and requires you to raise your reputation with Chardok. This item is also used in ...

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Block a Vendor Enter Transaction code FK05 in the SAP Command Field In the next screen, Enter the Following Enter Vendor Id to be Blocked Enter Company Code of the Vendor for whom the Company...

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Chardok Battle Plans Found on 8 npcs level 107: ALL: Chardok Logistics Report Found on 8 npcs level 107: ALL: Chest of Empires Found on 1 npc level 70: ALL: Chokidai Eye Found on 1 npc level 109: ALL: Claw Found on 1 npc level 70: ROG : Claw of the Di`Zok Found on 1 npc level 70: MNK BST : Clearest Ring of Memory Found on 1 npc level 108: ALL ...

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Query Vendor ID: VendorCo Query Product ID: ProductCode.Recently EverQuest has introduced faction vendors. Most expansion faction vendors start at the bottom of the apprehensive faction bracket (-100). To access their wares you generally have to be around amiably or higher. Getting positive faction with that vendor or faction can come in a few ways.

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