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Chatzy is a basic HTML chatting website. Ruby Ball Opal Ball Bubble MrNoah14 19Joshua GSFTW ODFTL Emerald Ball Galaxy Ball Mr. Man (deceased) Mort Pinecone Woody Pinecone Woody Pinecone 2.0 Xinecone Crystal blue 100 Woody Xinecone Soap The cool kidz Rose Ball Toast Twonkie :3 Fuzzy Chocolatey Popsicley Leather Ice Cream Tito (deceased) Tamara Bali Zing Zing Zingbah Zumbah (deceased) Jumbah ...

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I posted this for educational and privacy protection reasons. In chatzy type your name as ALT(hold down)+0160 this will make your name invisible! To not get ...

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A Dangan Ronpa roleplay venue usually tagged with #dangan chatzy - if you're looking for a list of all currently available Chatzy rooms, that tag's the best place to check. However, Chatzy rooms can often be found in the #dangan mafia tag as well. This page is about Dangan Chatzy as it pertains to people who track the #dangan mafia tag, as well as anyone else who might be curious about how it ...

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Joined Chatzy in early October 2015 to harass people in a chatroom called 667 Dark Avenue. His accounts is one of the many alternates that he used to impersonate someone in the chatroom. After his days of terrorizing the aforementioned chatroom, he moved to a chat called Undertale Sexuality Sins. On his first night there someone asked him to fuck, but that's not important because he didn't do it. In 2019 is a little known relic of a bygone era of the internet, something people associate with MySpace and their awkward teenage emo phase. An artifact from the "old internet" of the late 00s and early 10s.

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Mar 24, 2015 · Honestly didn't make any sense, It took way to long to get an was phrased weirdly. Just because the admin understood it doesn't mean that everyone else does. I feel like this is going to end up killing this chatzy too because it was a really stupid choice on the admins part. If I was a newcomer I probably wouldn't bother and just find another ...

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Contextual translation of "u leave chatzy" into German. Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory.

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