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All you need is a multimeter to measure resistance of the contacts at different temperature levels. Also a way to vary the temperature of the sensor. Something like a pan of water on the stove top over low heat. Use a thermometer to measure the water temp as it climbs. Not the water temp as you measure the resistance and compare it to the chart ...

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The CTS "measures" coolant temperature, as a heat resistance value, and transmits that value to the engine ECU, The value is measured in ohms resistance. The mapping table within the ECU interprets the resistance value as engine coolant temperature. A cold engine requires more fuel.

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9 hours ago · GM Brand Genuine GM Item Weight 0. 2L, LS1, LS2, 1:1 replacement for GM coolant temp sensor. com offers 253 coolant temperature sensor for gm products. 193 12608814 gm coolant temp sensor 1 194 25744727 gm clutch,fan (*4930) 1 195 12599204 gm sensor o2 2 196 12612571 gm sensor o2 rear 2.

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The ECT sensor has a signal circuit and a ground circuit. The PCM applies a voltage (about 5.0 volts) on the signal circuit to the sensor. The PCM monitors the changes in this voltage caused by changes in the resistance of the sensor in order to determine the coolant temperature. When the coolant is cold, the sensor (thermistor) resistance is ... The ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Temperature Sensor converts the fluid temperature into a resistance value. The sensor resistance changes with the transmission fluid temperature. As the temperature becomes higher, the sensor resistance decreases.

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Does anyone know if the resistance values for the CTS(Coolant Temp Sensor) in the lower rad hose are the same as the ETS(Engine Temp Sensor) in the cylinder head? I'm finishing up an M54 into an E36 swap and because I'm retaining the stock fan control I need a radiator outlet temp sensor signal for the DME.

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Thermistor Sensing Elements: These sensors change resistance with a change in temperature. They do not amplify, rectify, polarize or generate a signal. They are available in wide range of resistance values and in a variety of packages and sizes from leaded devices to surface mount versions.Mar 29, 2019 · A temperature sensor is a device, usually an RTD (resistance temperature detector) or a thermocouple, that collects the data about temperature from a particular source and converts the data into understandable form for a device or an observer.

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