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PyDeequ is a Python API for Deequ, a library built on top of Apache Spark for defining “unit tests for data”, which measure data quality in large datasets. PyDeequ is written to support usage of Deequ in Python. License Coverage. There are 4 main components of Deequ, and they are: Metrics Computation:

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Mar 19, 2020 · Stream processing is very useful in use cases where we need to detect a problem quickly and improve the outcome based on data, for example production line monitoring or supply chain optimizations. This blog post walks you through process of streaming existing data files and ongoing changes from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to

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I want to introduce data quality testing (empty fields/max-min values/regex/etc...) into my pipeline which will essentially consume kafta topics testing the data before it is logged into the DB. I am

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Versions: Deequ 1.0.2, Apache Griffin 0.5.0. Poor data quality is the reason for big pains of data workers. Data engineers need often to deal with JSON inconsistent schemes, data analysts have to figure out dataset issues to avoid biased reportings whereas data scientists have to spend a big amount of time preparing data for training instead of dedicating this time on model optimization.import com.amazon.deequ.suggestions.{ConstraintSuggestionRunner, Rules} import spark.implicits._ // for toDS method // We ask deequ to compute constraint suggestions for us on the data val suggestionResult = { ConstraintSuggestionRunner() // data to suggest constraints for.onData(datasource) // default set of rules for constraint suggestion ...

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数据质量:cerberus,pandas_profiling,Deequ. ... 三是基于 sample 的解释方法,例如 conterfactual explanations,adversarial examples,prototypes ...

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A rule might for example compare the number of rows in the sample to a sketch-based estimate of the cardinality of a column, and suggest a unique constraint if these are close. Deequ additionally allows us to hold out a random portion of the data, on which it will evaluate the suggested constraints. Deequ outputs suggestions for all the

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