A single die is rolled. find the probability of rolling an odd number or a number less than 5

(b) Draw the shear force and bending moment diagram. (c) Find the magnitude and the position of the equilibrant force (d) Find the maximum bending moment. LOAD LINE SCALE SCALE: 10mm =20N + O SHEEET NO: 40. BEAMS. Page 7 of 26. Friday (22/05)

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A bending procedure in accordance with CECC 0082, which is equivalent to EIA PN-3333, was used, but with additional dynamic resistor measurements (Figure 2). The bending of the PCB was carried out in 0.5 mm steps, with the resistance value being taken 15 s after each new bending position was reached. When the maximum bending

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For the loading shown, determine; (a) the equations defining the shear and bending at portion AD of the steel beam AB, (b) the location and magnitude of the largest bending moment. (Hint: Replace the 700 N load applied at F by an equivalent force-couple system at D) x V x 2150 325 1025 2150 750 N/m 750 N/m A D B

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For the given section, when the moment is further increased, strains increased rapidly until the maximum carrying capacity of the beam was reached at ultimate moment M u. The section will reach its ultimate flexural strength when the concrete reaches an extreme fiber compression strain X cu of 0.003 and the tensile steel strain X s cloud have ...

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M (maximum bending moment) = wl^2/8 D (deflection @ center of span) = 5wl^4/384 EI NOTE: Maximum deflection is limited to D = l/360 = 12 x 12 / 360 = 0.40 in w (load per foot) = (30 + 20 + 10)psf x...

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Basically bending moment diagram is the integral of shear force diagram. Hence, area under the shear force diagram is the bending moment. For simply supported beam, maximum moment can be found by finding the area of shear force diagram from one end to the point where shear becomes zero.

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