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Distributed Erlang nodes provide a high-level model for integrating other languages with Erlang programs. With tinch++, your C++ code will be able to communicate with Erlang processes by means of message passing. To the Erlang processes, your C++ node will look and behave like any Erlang node. Besides integrating C++ and Erlang programs ...

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erlang-ffi Speaks the Erlang network protocol and impersonates an Erlang node on the network. Fully capable of bi-directional communication with Erlang. Erlang types are, as far as reasonable, mapped to Haskell types.

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Pyrlang is a Python library which implements Erlang distribution protocol and creates an Erlang-compatible node in your Erlang cluster. You can send and receive messages, spawn "processes" on Python side, which will be addressable from Erlang using familiar Erlang concepts like message sending to process identifiers or registered names.

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Dear All, Is there anybody know how to reduce Code congestion, power congestion in Node B 3G Huawei? I'm new in 3G Huawei Optimization, so far what I've checked to reduce power/code congestion was making a proper SHO between 3G and 2G or other 3G Cells. Sometimes, it worked, but sometimes not. Tilting also good, … Continue reading "Code COng, Power COng in 3G Node B Huawe"

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Erlang - node - This is used to determine the value of the node on which the process needs to run. Since distributed programming is used to run functions on different nodes, th

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Jan 09, 2008 · Before starting to write a C# Sharp application, we can quickly start another erlang shell to see if we can connect to our server node from a new node. >> werl.exe -sname clientnode -setcookie cookie >> ([email protected])3> rpc:call([email protected], mathserver, multiply, [10, 2]). DWQA Questions › Category: Development Tool › When JS web worker is used in electronic project, the problem of new worker (path) is solved 0 Vote Up Vote Down misterpan asked 1 day ago For example, in the new worker, you need to pass in the JS file path, but you can use it in […]

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