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For example, at the moment (in release 3.2.1) Cumulus Linux implements only Type-3 routes (similar to what Cisco Nexus 1000V was doing) and relies on dynamic MAC learning, while Cisco’s and Juniper’s implementations on ToR switches use BGP-based MAC+IP address propagation with Type-2 routes.

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Jun 25, 2019 · IP Address piece of the MAC+IP address advertisement (Type 2 Routes), is required for ARP suppression to happen. Typically, the active IP hosts in EVPN would be learned by the VTEPs either through local learning or control-plane-based remote learning.

Quanta lb6m reddit EVPN Route Type 5 – IP Prefix Route. EVPN route type 5 (IP prefix route) is supported for MPLS tunnels. The route fields for route type 5 are shown in Figure 159 and described in Table 198. For type 5 BGP route key processing, the following fields are considered to be part of the prefix in the NLRI: Ethernet tag ID, IP prefix length ...

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The introduction is made by using BGP EVPN Route-Type 4 (Ethernet Segment Route) BGP update message. Enabling EVPN ESI multihoming generates the BGP EVPN Route-type 4 (Ethernet Segment Route) NLRI into BGP Loc-RIB table, which is advertised to BGP EVPN afi peer switches. Example 1-3 illustrates the route-type 4 NLRI entry originated by Leaf-102.

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RFC 7432 BGP MPLS-Based Ethernet VPN February 2015 EVI: An EVPN instance spanning the Provider Edge (PE) devices participating in that EVPN. MAC-VRF: A Virtual Routing and Forwarding table for Media Access Control (MAC) addresses on a PE. Ethernet Segment (ES): When a customer site (device or network) is connected to one or more PEs via a set of Ethernet links, then that set of links is ...

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advertise l2vpn evpn as I understand it, is required for VXLAN BGP EVPN to work because it directs the VTEP to advertise L2VPN EVPN routes, which includes all the Type 2 and Type 5 routes generated by BGP and needed to run the fabric.

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