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Global Wind Patterns. Wind is mainly the outcome of a thermodynamic principle and of the Coriolis effect due to the counterclockwise rotation of the earth. Warm air around the equator is lifted, which creates a suction effect for air masses coming from higher (or lower) latitudes.

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Environmental audits are now carried out around scientific stations, on land and in the sea to assess the impact that the base and its activities is having on the area around it. Any activity is bound to have some degree of disturbance to the environment, vehicle exhausts, wildlife disturbance, waste of various types being produced.

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Scientists are detecting a stronger link between the planet's warming and its changing weather patterns. Though it can be hard to pinpoint whether climate change intensified a particular weather event, the trajectory is clear — hotter heat waves, drier droughts, bigger storm surges and greater ...

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We often call the result global warming, but it is causing a set of changes to the Earth's climate, or long-term weather patterns, that varies from place to place. Human activity isn't the only factor that affects Earth's climate. Volcanic eruptions and variations in solar radiation from sunspots, solar wind, and the...Nov 05, 2020 · Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tropical storms, tsunamis, and landslides have the potential to be the source of a tremendous amount of marine debris. High winds, heavy rain, storm surge, and flooding associated with these disasters can pull large structures, household products, and outdoor items into surrounding waters.

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There are many benefits to using wind energy. It is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, and uses very little land. Furthermore, it is an alternative to the global reliance on fossil fuels, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation (“Learn About Wind Power”). However, there are many controversies surrounding the topic.

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Global Wind Channel. If you're interested in the onshore & offshore wind industry you're in the right place!Aug 12, 2019 · They used a suite of climate models to look at how the wind patterns would have evolved over the last 100 years if human-caused global warming weren’t in play, and compared that with what the ...

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