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This is hella-g4y. I like the idea of a bunker-bound squad. I like it as much as I like the idea of them putting transport vehicles in the game. Or Dinosaurs. Or even rules for difficult terrain, buildings and woods. I dunno, I like how simple the rules are (it keeps them neat and clean).

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Finals killed me and some personal stuff happened ;((( You are allowed to kill me and here's my tumblr so you can yell at me if it hasn't been updated in a week rin-dragneel-08 The first ones to wake up the next day was Kaminari, Sero, Mina, Momo, and Jiro.

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ghost-in-the-hella. 16. “I can explain.” 21. “Sometimes, being a complete nerd comes in handy.” I cranked this out really quickly and haven’t checked it for basically anything, so here’s hoping it’s at least somewhat decent! — “Steph! Heyyyyy, buddy! You’re, uh, back earlier than expected.” “Oh, my god.” “Now, before ...

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crystallight10: “highmelalanin: “ hella-g4y: “ Google knows ” I’ve been saying this ” How…i…feel…right…now… And here comes the tears again.

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Coloque sua descrição aqui. Disforia é uma mudança repentina e transitória do estado de ânimo, tais como sentimentos de tristeza, pena, angústia. É um mal estar psíquico acompanhado por sentimentos depressivos, tristeza, melancolia e pessimismo.

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hella-g4y: x (via fuckyeah--fitlesbian) Posted Há 5 anos at 03:29pm with 957 notas. fuziillad4-blog gostou disto . karahant reblogou isto de beniyimiyimlan ... givingblowjobs: “gingerthon: “hella-g4y: “Do you ever start telling your parents a funny story but then you remember what happened was illegal ” #or gay ” Usually gay ” Nah, usually illegal.

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