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However, services of silver cutlery (also known as flatware) are much in demand. Some services can sell for over £10,000 and most 12 place setting silver services are worth many £1000’s. Even if you have an odd selection of silver cutlery it might be worth £100’s.

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So how do we store our silver bullion both efficiently and safely? And should it be stored at home anyway? Space and Weight Requirements. In a dollar-for-dollar comparison, you can generally The most popular form of silver is the 1-ounce American Silver Eagle coins we mentioned earlier.

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James E. Fraser, the famous mint engraver created the Indian Head-Buffalo Nickel design. His initial "F" is found in very small print beneath the date. Although US Nickel coins are the color of the metal nickel, they are made of a melted mixture containing 75% copper and only 25% nickel. Weight is 5 grams.

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A nickel silver or copper item is coated with silver cyanide where the additional silver is applied electrolically (using a current). This deposits the silver onto the base metal and ensures a strong adhesion and an even coating. The more silver that is applied, the longer it is expected to last before needing replating again.

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Multiply the present weight by the factor in the same horizontal row under the new metal. Example: A sterling silver ring weighs 8 grams, what will it weigh in 14kt. Along the horizontal row marked Stg in the first column under the heading 14 Kt we find 1.25 x 8 = 10 grams, weight in 14 Kt.

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