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Draw what you see. 3. Examine a piece of color print from the newspaper, notice how it is printed as compared to what we see. Part 2: Calculating Magnification Fill in the magnification of each objective and the eyepiece of your microscope. To determine the total magnification, multiply the magnification of eyepiece by the objective lens.

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By multiplying the eyepiece magnification by the objective magnification you can determine the total level of magnification. For example, a 10x eyepiece in conjunction with a 40X objective, will give you a magnification factor of 400. The object will be magnified 400 times larger than you can view it with the naked eye.

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Once you have explored the threads at 40X, switch to a higher powered objective. This is the same slide at 100X (10X eyepiece and 10X objective). You probably notice three changes from the previous photo. First, the threads look larger, which is what we expect. You will also notice that the photo is a bit darker than it was at 40X.objective. In order to positively identify these cells YOU MUST USE YOUR OIL IMMERSION OBJECTIVE. (You cannot return to 40X, but you can use your 10x by rotating nosepiece through the 4x objective). Rather than trying to identify every cell that you see, work your way through the erythroid

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_____ The objective with power of 4x - Smallest objective _____ The objective with power of 40x - Longest objective. _____ These hold the slide in place. _____ Located under the stage, this controls how much light shines through the stage to illuminate the specimen.

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Apr 15, 2020 · The camera sensor dimensions can be obtained from the manufacturer, while the system magnification is the multiplicative product of the objective magnification and the camera tube magnification (see Example 1). If needed, the objective magnification can be adjusted as shown in Example 3. It is important to remember that the eyepieces cannot improve the resolution of the objective (though in rare circumstances they can degrade it); a 10x objective with a 50x eyepiece will produce an image with much lower resolution than a 100x objective with 5x eyepieces, even though they have the same overall magnification.

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