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Oct 24, 2008 · A couple of things to note here. The beginning (zeroth) index of a Tk text widget is 1.0, rather than 0. (line 1, index 0). This accounts for the difference between the entry get posted earlier by unutbu, and the text get().

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Later, the file pointer from the original open is closed when the program exits, so the file remains the same because it (probably) keeps the original dimensions from the first file pointer, i.e. truncates the new data.

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DbVisualizer is a database management and analysis tool for all major databases (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, SQLite) on Windows, macOS, Linux and Unix platforms.

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Feb 21, 2020 · In next video we will fetch and edit and delete the data from database using gui and Tree view in window. ... Building Out The GUI for our Database App - Python Tkinter GUI Tutorial #20 - Duration

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I need a sample table viewer in tkinter like excell or any database viewer. It must have Columns and rows and headers. ... I am newer in python and tkinter. This is ...

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It prints 1 line every 50ms and the following python tkinter script plots this. It started as your python code above but it has been reworked to be more pythonic. The result looks like this: Call the script with the comport and speed. eg: python magplot.py COM21 19200 #!/usr/bin/python # # Read stream of lines from an Arduino with a magnetic ...

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