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How to fix No subject alternative names present. In this article, we will focus on how to resolve the SSLHandshakeException and possible cause behind it. If you are getting below error, let's find out...

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Hi all, We have a eclipse plugin which performs a connection request to a remote server. This plugin is working fine in Eclipse Luna. We migrated the same source code to Eclipse Mars, (no changes in code level) and when we try to perform the connection we get a runtime exception with the following stack trace :[1] . Java SSL Handshake error. Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by 24763, Feb 25, 2016. 12 more Caused by: General SSLEngine problem at at

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fails with Received fatal alert: handshake_failure: 1.36: 1.405: 1.3.6-jenkins-1: fails with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: de.regnis.q.sequence.line.QSequenceLineRAData (JENKINS-11901) 1.37: 1.405: 1.3.6-jenkins-1: succeeds (quickfix for JENKINS-11901) 1.38: 1.405: 1.3.6-jenkins-2: succeeds

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Clone tycoon 2 cave Invalid ECDH ServerKeyExchange signature. The Invalid ECDH ServerKeyExchange signature can indicate that a key and a corresponding certificate don’t match and are causing the handshake to fail. Verify the contents of each of the files you are using for your configured certificate authorities, certificates ... Main, handling exception: Remote host closed connection during handshake. I am sort of very confused as to how I can connect to this server and get the response back?.

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