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Harry Potter Edition. CHECK OUT MY SEVERUS SNAPE FAN FICTION THE NEW AGE: It's been almost five years since the battle of Hogwarts.Parents were afraid to send their children back to school in fear of another dark wizard wanting to come to power.Severus Snape, who managed to survive the brutal battle remained in the position of Potions Master; parents uneasy and untrusting with the fact that ...

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Hermione proceeded to procure a hasty job with a publishing firm as a reader, and despite the fact that the images never moved she found the work manageable at best. Reading was the only thing that offered her a peace of mind, as the distant but not severed bond between her and Lucius caused a daily physical discomfort that manifested itself ...

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Draco Malfoy x Slytherin female reader Masterlist Warning:Anger,bad language,mature content,cheating Author’s note:This was a request. The person asked me to insert myself in the story but I feel... Lucius Malfoy/Reader; Lucius Malfoy; Reader; Draco Malfoy; Age Difference; Love Triangle; Spanking; Summary. Reader is at a party hosted by Draco at his family home set a few years after your class graduated from Hogwarts. There you get to talking with his father. Lucius Malfoy . I do not condone cheating. Language: English Words: 2,651 ...

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Promise me This is a Jimin x reader! Enjoy!!💜 Word count: 1,177 Warnings: None Main Masterlist Summary- (Y/N)’s brother has been nagging her for years trying to get her to adopt a hybrid.

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His father who was host of this festivity, proudly holding Lucius Malfoy's shoulder. Both raising their glasses in a toast. The rest of the room help up their glasses as the first note of tonight began. Standing in front of the beautifully dressed ladies in front them, the young men bowed glancing up to receive a curtsy.

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