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Feb 20, 2019 · Mercedes-AMG; Mercedes-Benz; Mercedes-Maybach ... Brake-Wear Warning Signs. Some cars have brake-pad sensors that inform the driver of worn brake pads via a light in the dashboard or a message ...

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May 08, 2015 · Find the new Mercedes CLA service a reset procedure to be performed after vehicle service. Do this at home without an expensive scan tool!

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Damaged brake pads or those that are heavily used cane extremely dangerous and can lead to fatalities. Engine control unit fault - The warning lights could refers to a mechanical fault with the engine or the electronic Engine Control Unit (ECU).

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Apr 20, 2020 · When to replace brake pads. Here are a few common symptoms of worn-out brake pads:. Low brake pad warning light is on: Not all vehicles are equipped with this system, but if yours is, this dashboard indicator light will likely be the first signal it’s time to replace your brake pads.

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Rubber bushing position for new brake pads. Rubber bushing position at maximum brake pad wear. 1 Measure the brake pad lining thickness between the brake disc and the brake pad backing plate using a vernier caliper. Note: Look carefully for signs of uneven wear. 2 Measure any wear edge on the disc and add it to the brake pad thickness.

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