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Simple script to use the Ping PHP library and print a list of servers and their statuses. Written for a school that needs to track whether some local Apple TVs are active. - apple-tv-status.php

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This library provides a ping controller for the eLife Sciences applications. Dependencies. Composer; PHP 7; Installation. composer require elife/ping. Set up Silex use eLife\ Ping \ Silex \ PingControllerProvider; $ app-> register (new PingControllerProvider ()); Symfony. Add eLife\Ping\Symfony\PingBundle to your application's kernel. Add to ...

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NAGIOS plugin to perform an arping check for hosts that block ping (use case: monitoring Alexa/Echo Dots). The message output and performance metrics exactly mirrors the standard check_ping plugin, for seamless replacement operation :)

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Triggers new ultrasonic ping which will result in the output update once sound echo is captured. Pulses coming within 60 ms window after the last one are ignored to fight sensor’s PCB resonance. hc-sr04-range-meter View On GitHub; This project is maintained by ramitsurana. WARNING: The files may be outdated as of today (June 2019) . Kindly use it with precaution. Terraform-ansible-setup. Setting up your complete infrastructure on cloud premises using Infrastructure as a Code. Prerequisites. Ansible; Terraform

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Suggest corrections and new documentation via GitHub. ... A library that makes working with ultrasonic sensors easy. When I first received an ultrasonic sensor I was not happy with how poorly it performed. I soon realized the problem was not the sensor, it was the available ping and ultrasonic libraries causing the problem. The NewPing library ...

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New Package SCM Request ===== Package Name: rubygem-net-ping Short Description: Net::Ping rubygem library Owners: lzap Branches: f15 InitialCC: Comment 11 Jason Tibbitts 2011-03-29 12:10:30 UTC

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