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A noun phrase functions in a sentence exactly like a noun. The underlined phrases in the following are examples of noun phrases: ‘That’s the most popular summer sport’ , ‘ The news of his death came as a great shock ’, ‘Did you see anything interesting ?’

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Nouns Clauses. A noun clause is a clause (containing a subject and a verb) that can replace a noun. The examples below show how they are used: I don't know her. (not a noun clause).

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proper nouns. uncountable nouns: concrete and abstract. The functions of articles with common nouns.

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★★★ Correct answer to the question: What is the function of the noun clause in this sentence? the street musicians sang to whomever passed them. a-object of a preposition b-subject c-direct object d-appositive -

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She believes in aliens Noun She believes in the existence of aliens Noun phrase She believes that aliens exist Noun clause A noun clause can function as the subject, object or a subject complement. The most common position of a noun clause is after the verb of the main (independent) sentence.

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