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On-Premise w/ Docker, version 20.10.0. Description. Sentry displays Acceptance Test test on the bottom left corner as its version. Steps to Reproduce. Run ./install.sh from the 20.10.0 tag on getsentry/onpremise repo and run docker-compose up -d. After logging in you’ll see the incorrect version at the bottom left corner. What you expected to ...

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Mar 12, 2020 · NextCloud is an open-source, on-premise file share and collaborative platform that allows you to save your files and access them across multiple devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

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一个Linux虚拟机或者Docker容器即可搞定. 初有雏形. 功能简介. 管理员初次登陆谷歌验证绑定. 创建功能. 创建用户. 已有用户创建邮箱. 添加群组(支持模糊搜搜索,批量添加,清空和导出) 个人账户邮箱操作(扩容,归档,新增SMTP等..) 组邮箱操作. 搜索功能

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PacketFence安装完毕后可直接通过网络进行设置,待设置向导完成后,需将PacketFence接入交换机Trunk口,通过先前设置向导中设置的管理口地址进入设置页。下面就来讲讲整个系统的安装过程。 首先安装 CentOS7,然后键入下列命令安装PacketFence

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Jan 20, 2017 · active directory ajax android ansible apache asterisk atom authentication azure Bootstrap certificates CoffeeScript database debian dhcp dkim dmarc dns dnsmasq docker dovecot electron ESLint exchange exim4 firewall ftp git gnome gulp horizon html5 iptables java jquery json juniper kodi Laravel ldap mssql mysql nginx node.js office 365 openelec ...

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Packetfence interacts tightly with several processes and he wants to have the control, so it is not possible to have them in separate containers. Docker-compose takes care of the deploy process.

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