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Manure definition, excrement, especially of animals, or other refuse used as fertilizer. See more.

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They are best left to large-scale anaerobic digesters and avoided entirely (with certain exceptions) at home. Pet Droppings – Dog or cat droppings contain several disease organisms and can make compost toxic to handle. (Can you believe the state of Alaska actually spent $25,000 on a study to determine the effects of composting dog poop? – PDF)

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Applying Sheep and goat Manure vegetable garden. Apply manure to the garden in the fall and work it into the soil. 15-20 lbs per 100 square feet is a good guide but by no means a set figure. Liquid sheep and goat manure can be applied to plants at any time. Composting Sheep Manure

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Sweet Peet : 100% Organic Mulch. If you are growing vegetables, chances are that you are doing so for health and environmental reasons. You may want better nutrition, lower food bills, and more exercise, but it doesn’t make any sense for you to use a vegetable garden mulch that could cost you all of the benefits you get from gardening. I use to prepare pasteurized coir/coffee substrates for my edible and medicinal experiments, but it can easily be adapted to just coir/verm, horse/cow manure, or whatever your substrate mix of choice is. I got my methods from watching how a few other members go about preparing substrates, the biggest influence being Prof P. You can find his video

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at my local home depot they sell large bags of dehydrated cow manure by the brand jolly gardener. would this work for growing mushrooms, and if so how muhc water should i add to it? do you think it comes pre-pasteurized or should i oven tek it anyway? thanks -----

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Incorporate 50% native soil with 50% amendment soils like garden soil, composted manure or soil conditioner. Make sure dirt clods are broken up or removed from hole along with rocks. Fill the hole with soils to the soil level and pack down. Do not cover top of rootball with dirt. Water in thoroughly to remove air pockets.

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