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Abstract. We consructed two new T-vectors called pUCTA119 and pUCTA18, derived from pUC18. The vectors were designed to produce single thymidine (T)-overhangs w

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Especially in the case of very high copy number plasmids and when plasmid-borne genes are toxic to the host or otherwise significantly reduce its growth rate. The simplest way to address this problem is to express from the same plasmid an antibiotic-resistance marker and supplement the medium with the appropriate antibiotic to kill plasmid-free ...

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Our regular plasmid CRISPR vector is a highly efficient tool for conventional transfection-based delivery of both Cas9 and the target site-specific gRNA sequence into a variety of mammalian cells. Delivering plasmid vectors into mammalian cells by conventional transfection is one of the most widely used procedures in biomedical research.

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Find the area cut out of the cylinder x2+z249 by the cylinder x2+y249.

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Plasmids encoding therapeutic agents. DOEpatents. Keener, William K [Idaho Falls, ID. 2007-08-07. Plasmids encoding anti-HIV and anti-anthrax therapeutic agents are disclosed. Pla

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Artificial plasmids are widely used as vectors in molecular cloning, serving to drive the replication of recombinant DNA sequences within host organisms. In the laboratory, plasmids may be introduced into a cell via transformation. Plasmids are considered replicons, units of DNA capable of replicating autonomously within a suitable host.

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Plasmid vectors minimally consist of the transgene insert and an origin of replication, which allows for semi-independent replication of the plasmid in the host. Modern plasmids generally have many more features, notably a “multiple cloning site”—with nucleotide overhangs for insertion of an insert—and multiple restriction enzyme ... 2005 vectors: H1 through H12 of the 1995 plate, H3 through H12 of the 1999 plate, and E8 and F7 of the 1999 plate are 24 new vectors made available in 2005. These vectors were not available in the 1995 and 1999 vector sets previously distributed by the Fire lab. Fire Lab 2005 Mini-vector Kit Documentation (125.5 KB)

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