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distribution with observed rest-frame UV luminosity functions at each redshift to derive the GSMFs. While we see no evidence of an evolution in the characteristic mass M , we nd that the low-mass-end slope becomes steeper with increasing redshift from = 1:53 +0 :07 0 :06 at z = 4 to = 2:45 +0 :34 0 :29 at z = 8.

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Redshift's Switch Aero System allows you to have a proper aero position on the road bike you already own. The Dual-Position Seatpost addresses the fit implications of riding with aerobars on a road bike by allowing the saddle to move forward with the rider when shifting from road to aero riding positions.

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Gpc - Gigaparsec, One billion (one thousand million) parsecs (see pc.) h - The Hubble constant in dimensionless units, = H0/100km/sec/Mpc Mpc - Megaparsec, One million parsecs (see pc.) pc - parsec, a unit of astronomical distance, approximately 3.5 light years z - letter used for value of the redshift x

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Equipped with a RedShift SM, a helmet cam, and a microphone…good things ensue. We imagine soon-to-be RedShift owners will have similar reactions once they get their bikes.

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This is "Redshift Physical Camera Script in Maya" by Adrian on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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The net result is that although the light had a wavelength of 6563angstroms when it left the object (as observed by a nearby static observer) the factors above ensure that the wavelength of light we see is much longer indeed. From this we can measure a very special number for any object, its redshift or simply ‘z’.

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