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Dilation calculator math. The position and size of a figure can change but not the shape. In math dilation may also mean shrinking depending on a number called the dilation factor. Dilation is the transformation which is an extreme radical change in appearance. Dilation is used to make the objects larger or smaller.

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Find the coordinates of its image after a dilation with the given scale factor V(6, 2), W(-2, 4), X(-3, -2), Y(3, -5) scale factor of 2 This question is confusing me and is . Geometry. Hello! Please help! The dashed triangle is a dilation image of the solid triangle with the center at the origin. Is the dilation an enlargement or reduction?

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SCALE FACTOR ENLARGE REDUCE Explain how you determined your answer 0.5 8 3 1 8 IF GIVEN THE SCALE FACTOR To dilate a figure on the coordinate plane, _____ the x & y values of each ordered pair by the scale factor. When the scale factor is >1 the dilated image will be _____ than the preimage.

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Provide a reference sheet to students that includes a visual examples of dilations with their corresponding scale factors. Students will be able to have a visual for how a scale factor... can affect a line (i.e., scale factors greater than 1 are expansions and scale factors less than one are contractions). The reference sheet could also include ... Dilation definition is - the act or action of dilating : the state of being dilated : expansion, dilatation. How to use dilation in a sentence.

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