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The Suona is a double-reed woodwind instrument. When it was first introduced to China, its loud, strident tone made it extremely effective for inspiring soldiers in battle. Now the suona has been successfully included in traditional Chinese orchestras, and is frequently played in groups heard with the di, a kind of flute, and the sheng, an ...

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View full document. Music discussion 2 Suona vs Sorna The Suona and Sorna are very similar instruments from actually vastly different cultures and have two traditional uses for the instrument and its iconic music. The construction of the two instruments is quite similar as both are woodwind apparatus and use a double reed system of vibrations to create a unique sound and blocking air holes (6 for the Sorna and 7 for the Suona) throughout the stem in order to create the different notes.

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The sorna has a mouthpiece. Its length is something from 30 to 50 cm and varies in different regions. The sorna has a powerful sound and is usually accompanied by a percussion instrument mostly the dohol. In the past the sorna was always played in all kinds of ceremonies including weddings, funerals, religious ceremonies, and wars.

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Sorna was an Human woman who lived on the desert world of Tatooine. She was an old friend of Shmi Skywalker. After Shmi Skywalker's death,1 in 22 BBY during the Separatist Crisis,2 she used to place flowers on her grave at the Lars homestead every year. At some point during the Galactic Civil War, about twenty years later, the old woman Sorna was unable to do so.1 Circa 1 ABY,3 one of her ...

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