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The next section shows how the tags are defined in the YAML file for a command resource. Genie also maintains their own tags in addition to the ones the platform admins define, which you can see in the field ID and field name of the files. Preparing the spark-submit command resource. This post provides an automated creation of the YAML file.

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This yaml file is stored in Hiera repository so that the configuration can be read in Puppet manifests. Below is the sample yaml file stored in Hiera repository. Below is a snapshot of the hiera.yaml configuration file. Yaml files are named in below format: dateyyyy-mm-dd.yaml. Fetching current configuration with every run of puppet agent.

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If you want to parse/read a YAML file into a Python project and if your YAML file looks like this: treeroot: branch1: name: Node 1 . branch1-1: name: Node 1-1 . branch2: name: Node 2 . branch2-1: name: Node 2-1. In that case, you will have to install PyYAML like as follows:-pip install PyYAML. And the Python code looks like this: import yaml

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If you don’t have a Elasticsearch cluster or not interested in log collection, please remove filebeat container in both kylin-query-stateful.yaml and kylin-job-stateful.yaml. If you want to check detail or want to have a discussion, please read or comment on KYLIN-4447 Kylin on kubernetes in production env .

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> kustomize lets you customize raw, template-free YAML files for multiple purposes, leaving the original YAML untouched and usable as is. That's the very first line of Kustomize's README[1]. Kustomize is not a templating DSL. The conversations here mocking templating DSLs are not relevant. The next sentence[1]:

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Puppet typically handles the security and SSL certificates related management task. Still, when attempting to connect to a system, if you want to apply the RESTful API exterior of the cluster, then you have to handle the certificate on your own. To configure the security policies for Puppet, use the auto-config file. Testing REST API The truststore for Spark encryption keys. The relative file path is the base Spark configuration directory that is defined by the SPARK_CONF_DIR environment variable. The default Spark configuration directory is resources/spark/conf. truststore_password The password to access the truststore.

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