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Designed to replace the GT and GTZ, the Beretta Z26 was launched in 1994. The 3.1 L V6 was upgraded to a 3100 V6. However, production ended two years later in 1996 since GM didn’t want the Z26 to compete with the Cavalier Z24 and Chevy Camaro.

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Fusible Link Instrument panel, passenger side, j-case, 40 amp. Engine compartment, accessory block, 40 amp. Junction block, engine compartment, 40a. Body compartment ...

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Aug 22, 2010 · The short circuit at the battery probably blew a fusible link. The small red wire on the positive battery cable is connected to a junction block. The wires from the junction block to the ignition switch, the alternator, and the horn relay will have in-line fusible links. I suspect you blew one or more of those fusible links.

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Chevy Cargo Van; Ford Low Roof Transit Van; Compact Cargo Van; Cab Chassis Vehicle; Low Roof Body; Hood Cleaning Vehicle; ... Fusible Link 165 Degree with Clip. Login ... A fusible link protects the car if a wire binds or gets crushed in a door allowing that power to drop to ground. I have no idea where Chevy hid your fusible link in your year car, but it should be marked on the wiring diagram found in the service manual.

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When applying fusible interfacing, it's best to follow the manufacturer's instructions. But sometimes the instructions are missing. Perhaps they got lost, accidentally thrown out, or maybe you never received them in the first place. So here are some general guidelines that should work for most fusible...

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You should always have some extra fuses and relays to make a replacement when it's needed. CARiD is ready to provide you with reliable 1964 chevy corvair electrical parts 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

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