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タグ javascript, ecmascript-6, gruntjs, grunt-contrib-uglify. 私は自分のプロジェクトでgrunt-uglifyを使い、es6を使っています。太い矢印機能など、一部のes6機能ではエラーが発生します。私はuglifyがその構文を理解していないと思います。だから私はこの問題を解決する方法がありますか。私はuglifyにすべて ...

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Jul 09, 2015 · $ uglifyjs --compress--mangle-o dist/pileup.min.js dist/pileup.js which turns the code into an ugly yet functionally-equivalent form by renaming variables and reducing whitespace in the file. This minified file is better for distribution, but it is terrible for development purposes since it is almost impossible to debug or read.

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El problema que tuve fue con un módulo de NGP llamado Autotrack de Google. El paquete está en ES6, y es un archivo .js, así que Typescript no lo transpuso. Tuve que incluir manualmente una versión ES5 de Autotrack para que uglify funcione.

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running npm run build was throwing the following error: ERROR in bundle.js from UglifyJs Unexpected token: keyword (const) [bundle.js:6 uglify-es. A JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit for ES6+. Note: uglify-es is API/CLI compatible with [email protected] uglify-es is not backwards compatible with [email protected] Install.

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Running "uglify:dist" (uglify) task File "dist/ba-tiny-pubsub.min.js" created. Uncompressed size: 389 bytes. Compressed size: 119 bytes gzipped ( 185 bytes minified).

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Deciding on a technology is always hard. You don’t want to make commitments you won’t be able to back out of, but eventually you’ll have to make a choice and go for something that does what you need it to do. If the original file is named foo.js, then the comments will be stored to foo.js.LICENSE. The uglifyOptions.output.comments option specifies whether the comment will be preserved, i.e. it is possible to preserve some comments (e.g. annotations) while extracting others or even preserving comments that have been extracted.

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