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Crann Tara derives from the Gaelic for Fiery Cross, the reasons behind the name and the symbol can be seen on our history page. It was decided from this history that it would be the appropriate name for the group as it is also part of our aim to bring like minded people together.

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The Clan will call out the retired warrior's name and then they will go to the elder's den. An elder may receive a completely different name, with a different ceremony, than keeping their warrior name; in ThunderClan, there were the elders Halftail and One-eye , who originally had different warrior names.

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From a diminutive of the given name Thouroude, a medieval French form of the Norse name TORVALD. This name has been borne by two Canadian prime ministers, Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1919-2000) and his son Justin Trudeau (1971-).

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All the names are randomly generated so you have a very big selection of names to choose from. This random kingdom name generator has been made for ease of use, and as you will see below, you can click the button that reads "Generate Kingdom Names", after you click this button names will appear under the heading "Kingdom Names Generated:".

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Best Clan Names: Guys, Are you looking for best clan names for Clash of Clans? Are you a COC game lover? If yes, then you are at right place.

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Sep 22, 2018 · Towns and Villages with the name Vik can also be found on Iceland, which is an island in the North Atlantic ocean that was settled by the Vikings. Here the capital is named Reykjavik, and other towns and villages have the word Vik in their name as well, for example, Breiðavík, Bolungarvik, Vik, Húsavík, Dalvik, Breiðdalsvík.

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