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Weather and Climate : Weather is the present condition of a place with respect to the atmospheric pattern determining the pressure, precipitation and hotness or coldness of that area. It is determined by the temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed etc. Sun is the most influencing factor of the weather.

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What the climate is like depends on the weather. When it rains or snows that has to do with the climate. The same is true when it is nice and sunny outside. Climate is the condition of the atmosphere based on the location near the surface of the Earth. There is also such a thing as the global climate.

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behaving) by studying climate (the average weather in a particular region over time and space). Ask the students the following questions: 12-Story Library Teacher Resources — Go Beyond the Book at!

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(Clothes & Weather) Ropa y Tiempo Escribir (Clothes & Weather Write) Colorea el sol amarillo ... To view and print a worksheet click on the worksheet thumbnail or title.

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In this Weather unit, K-3 science students will learn about weather patterns, climate, temperature, and seasons.

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Dec 21, 2020 · Dr. Eric Fetzer is a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He works on NASA’s AIRS mission, recently named the “best new tool for climate science.” Since its launch in 2002, AIRS has made pioneering new greenhouse gas measurements and improved weather forecasts and hurricane predictions.

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